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CORE was founded in 2009 by Tri-County Schools Insurance Group to foster better education for the public at large and our membership regarding health, property and liability risks which we all must deal with every day.  This organization mirrors the governance of the Executive Committee and thereby represents a large segment of our community.

Over the years, it has helped improve public access to our schools by organizing disability access audits using the DACTrak system.  The funding for this effort was provided by Tri-County Schools Insurance Group and it benefited school districts and offices of education in Yuba, Sutter, Colusa and counties.  The allocated funds by TCSIG in support of this effort were only used as audits were performed.

CORE has also reached out to the community and TCSIG members in partnership by publishing newsletters containing information about benefit programs to the TCSIG members and risk management messages which are addressed to all members of the community.  These communications are sent periodically throughout the year.

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