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Group Life

Upon the attainment of age 65 amounts of Life and AD&D insurance shall be reduced by 35%; an additional 20% at age 70; an additional 15% at age 75; an additional 10% at age 80. Upon retirement all insurance benefits shall terminate.

The Spouse’s amount of insurance will reduce in the same manner as the Insured’s amount of insurance upon spouse’s attainment of reducing ages and terminates at the Insured’s retirement.

Employees terminating coverage and retirees can convert their group life to a private life insurance plan. Employees should read their Voya Life Insurance Booklet for directions and then contact TCSIG at 530-822-5299 for the Life Conversion form.

Voya’s Value-Added Service

This program is available to all employees and dependents insured by the Life & AD&D policy at no additional cost.

Emergency Travel Assistance, including:

Immediate access to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and certain other services when faced with a medical-related emergency while traveling more than 100 miles away from home.

  • A global network of pre-qualified medical providers

  • A state-of-the-art Operation Center with worldwide capabilities

  • Air and ground ambulance providers

  • Payment for all of the assistance services it arranges.

Voya Travel Assistance Flyer with Card

Group Life Brochure with VOYA Travel Assistance Information

Voya Will Prep

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