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Workers' Compensation

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Time of Hire Pamphlets

• The Facts About Workers – TCSIG, Informacion de Compensacion del Trabajador – TCSIG: .

• TCSIG MPN Info Sheet, Informacion de TCSIG MPN – SPANISH: This form discusses the Medical Provider Network, treatment options and how to locate a medical provider.

  • Proper procedure for reporting an injury should be reviewed with the new hire including the use of Company Nurse.

Posting Notices

• TCSIG DWC 7 (Both English and Spanish)

  • Post in one or more places accessible to all employees at all site locations. Generally, this is posted in the break room along with other State required notices.

• Company Nurse Poster – Please note that each District has its own poster.


Time of Injury

• DWC-1 Claim Form

• TCSIG MPN Info Sheet, Informacion de TCSIG MPN – SPANISH: Same as above

• Pharmacy First Fill - Provide to the injured worker within 24 hours of notice.

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