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HealthComp Customer Service: 800-442-7247

Tri-County Schools Insurance Group is a non-profit, joint powers authority working to the mutual advantage of employers and employees by providing each district, county office of education or other public entity health care options, while maintaining the most comprehensive and affordable health care coverage available.


Tri-County Schools Insurance Group offers the following Medical Plans:

• PPO All Plans Summary of Benefits 2024-25

• Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each of the plans offered by TCSIG

• Medical Plan Document 

• Kaiser High Plan

• Kaiser Low Plan

• Kaiser $3000 Deductible Plan

• Kaiser HSA $1800 Deductible Plan

• Kaiser High Senior Advantage Plan

• Kaiser Low Senior Advantage Plan

For further information, please consult the Medical Plan Document for complete details.

To review a summary of your Plan benefits, including Deductibles and Coinsurance, please select the PPO Plan Summary of Benefits.

Tri-County Schools Insurance Group also makes available two Kaiser options. Please contact your employer's personnel department to see if they offer Kaiser.

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross is Tri-County Schools Insurance Group's Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) of physicians, hospitals and other ancillary services.


To locate a physician, hospital or other service provider in California and some portions of Nevada visit their website. For Plan Type select "large groups" and then select a Plan "Blue Cross PPO" and then select your provider type.


For service providers in Nevada visit


Call Anthem Blue Cross toll-free (800) 274-7767 for pre-certification or managed care services.

Kaiser Permanente

We also offer our members the option of selecting Kaiser Permanente as an HMO option. Members on the Kaiser HMO Plan can call toll-free (800) 464-4000 with coverage questions or visit their website at

TCSIG Members
Wellness Center

Managed by Acorn Health Group

Located at 1174 Live Oak Boulevard in Yuba City

Call 530.822.5500 for an appointment


Services are provided at no cost to our members. Make an appointment to be seen for your routine physical, treating your cold or flu symptoms, chronic illness to name just a few of the available services provided by the expert staff.


Wellness Center Hours are:

Mon -Fri: 8am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

Sunday: Closed

**Wellness Center is closed on the second Tuesday of every month from

11:00AM to 12:00PM


Visit TCSIG Wellness Center page

acorn health group logo.jpg

Visit to help find a provider or to help you better understand your chiropractic benefit.


If you need to contact PhysMetrics for any reason, please call them toll-free at 877-519-8839 or email them at The contact information is:



PO Box 25220

Fresno, CA 93729-5220

Toll Free 877-519-8839


physmetrics logo.png


Another value added service for pregnant women covered under the PPO Medical Plan is a FREE breast pump if obtained by an Anthem Blue Cross contracting provider. Click here for a flyer and order form from one of the contracting providers, Advanced Home Medical.

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