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Workers' Compensation

Welcome to the TCSIG Workers’ Compensation Program!

A safe working environment is our number one priority. However, should you become injured or ill as a result of your job or your work as a volunteer, we want you to receive quality medical treatment.

  • If an employee is in need of immediate/urgent medical treatment, call 911 and immediately contact Human Resources.

  • Injured Employees should call Company Nurse and Company Nurse will assess the injury over the phone and refer the injured employee to the most appropriate level of care.

    ◦ Company Nurse is available 24/7/365    1 (877) 518-6709

If the employee is referred for medical treatment by Company Nurse, the employee can visit one of our clinics designated in our medical provider network.

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In addition to Public SchoolWorks training for your employees, you have access to Safety National Safety Source training resources. To access this resource please contact your district to get your username and password.

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