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TCSIG's Property/Casualty Program

For nearly 40 years, TCSIG has provided member districts with cost-effective property and liability solutions. Through a Memorandum of Coverage (MOC), TCSIG has provided its members with comprehensive coverage terms at the most competitive price. Over the years, we have been able to keep our MOC language broad with the intent to provide coverage when a district needs it most, at the time of loss. TCSIG does not impose deductibles for liability cases and are able to continue offering coverage to our booster clubs, things other MOC’s don’t provide. In addition to past catastrophic losses from wildfires and hurricanes, insurance carriers are factoring future financial exposure due to the risks brought about by new threats such as A.B. 218 and COVID-19.  TCSIG remains committed to providing high quality Property & Liability coverage at the lowest cost. To do this we’re transforming into the “diamond in the rough” JPA with best in class risk management practices resulting in the lowest ratio of property and liability losses among JPA’s in the state of California.


One substantial benefit of the TCSIG Insurance Programs are the broad coverages provided to protect you and your districts.  The TCSIG property/casualty program is no exception.  Our Liability Program doesn’t have exclusions for possible COVID-19 related claims. We’re confident you will be covered for school-related activities this summer and this coming fall session.  In addition, the TCSIG Liability coverage doesn’t have individual district deductibles.

To file or report a claim

Claims can be reported to Risk Strategies at the TCSIG Portal (click on DISTRICT SIGN-IN) or directly at (916) 367-4303. The claim will then transfer to the Carl Warren for processing.


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